Have Foot Pain? We Can Help
By Southern Maryland Foot & Ankle
January 08, 2019
Category: Foot Conditions
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Is foot pain disrupting your life? Seventy-seven percent of Americans have experienced foot pain, according to the American Podiatric Medicine Association, yet only a third have considering visiting a foot doctor. Your Clinton and Waldorf, MD, podiatrists Dr. Larry Hotchkiss and Dr. Justin Pointer offer effective treatment for foot pain and foot injuries.

What causes foot pain?

Injuries are a common cause of pain. You may step on a hard object and bruise the fat pad under your heel or fall and break a bone in your foot. Other types of injuries include:

  • Stress Fractures: Stress fractures, small cracks that develop in the bones, can cause foot pain. If you ignore the pain and continue your usual activities, the cracks can turn into actual fractures.
  • Sprains: Sprains occur when the ligaments that hold the bones of your foot together are stretched or torn. The injury can occur after a fall or if you've been in a car accident.
  • Overuse Injuries: Working out too hard or too long or suddenly increasing the intensity of your workout can cause a variety of foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis, retrocalcaneal bursitis and Achille's tendinitis. You may be at increased risk of developing these painful conditions if you wear worn out or poorly fitting shoes.

How can my foot doctor help me?

Pain from minor injuries may ease in just a few days as long as you stay off your feet, apply ice packs and take anti-inflammatories to decrease swelling and pain. If your pain is severe or lingers longer than a week or two, it's time to call your Clinton or Waldorf foot doctor.

If you have a sprain or fracture, your podiatrist may recommend a walking boot, cast or crutches to relieve pressure on your foot while it heals. Prescription shoe inserts called orthotics improve the alignment of your foot and also cushion it. Depending on your condition, your foot doctor may recommend pain medication, corticosteroid injections for pain or even surgery if your condition doesn't respond to conservative treatment options.

Physical therapy may also be helpful if you have a foot injury. During sessions, you'll learn stretching exercises that will strengthen muscles that support the bones and joints of your foot and loosen tight muscles.

Don't let pain from foot injuries keep you from enjoying your life. Schedule an appointment with podiatrists Dr. Larry Hotchkiss and Dr. Justin Pointer by calling (301) 868-3899 for the Clinton, MD, office or (301) 843-9581 for the Waldorf office.